➳ BELLA’S TUTORIAL 001 ; how to write a character who is high.

Ha, I love this question. It’s actually really simple – the majority of people make being high a lot more complicated (and false) than it needs to be. Enjoy a few tips from my experiences below the cut. Before we get started, I would like to point out that all experiences are different and while these tips may not be what you have found to be accurate, they are what I encountered while under the influence. Sorry if this is offensive?? Idek lol.

While you are extremely vulnerable to become distracted while stoned, it actually makes your focus exceptionally acute. When I was laying on my sister’s bed, I was moaning about how freaking comfortable that mattress was. Your ice cream is tastier, your shaved legs are smoother… Whatever it is you’re occupied with, it’s guaranteed to be fucking amazing. A common misconception is that you become stupid while smoking or while high or even as a lasting effect afterwards. THIS IS 100% FALSE. My sister smoked all throughout high school and college and graduated from both with honor-roll grade point averages eight years straight. She’s also now at the top of her graduate school class. I rest my case.


Yes, just like all the movies portray it, smoking marijuana makes everything a thousand times funnier. I laughed at my sister, I laughed at my ice cream, I literally sat there hysterically cackling until I thought I was going to puke for no reason at all. If you’re trying to portray a character who is stoned, you might want to try interrupting your character’s speech or another character’s conversation.


Food. Oh my god, food. Your charrie is guaranteed to want something sweet, like ice cream (which by the way is incredibly helpful in trying to get the burning sensation away for beginners). Then you’ll prolly want something salty, like chips and salsa or popcorn. You devour that shit, trust me. You might experience some cotton-mouth, where dehydration becomes evident in a really, really obvious way. Cough cough, it sucks. Oh, and coughing. Lots and lots of coughing. Don’t forget that. Anywho, pick up some water or juice to quench that killer  thirst. Try a scenario where the group is taking a trip to the Mini-Mart beforehand for some snacks for later, or maybe a night out at a restaurant with a group of friends where everything is just so good.


Music can change the entire mood of your experience. Keep in mind not everything is hippie shit like all the stereotypes say. I found a genius website called Stereodose that’s made for listening to playlists while drugged. Pretty fuckin’ sweet, right? If you’re feeling dancey and fun, try some indie rock, pop, or electronic music to bring some smiles and silly moves into the mix. If you’re feeling chill and relaxed, try some calming music to complement the couch and maybe a big sweater. You can find different playlists all over the web, like Pandora, Spotify, and 8tracks.

I hope this helped you get some of your creative juices flowing! There’s a lot more you can do with your character, idk. Feel free to contact me if you have any extra questions, comments, concerns, etc.~

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